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Eyo, it’s Krystle!

a little lost millennial

A little lost millennial that can be found making her way downtown, walking fast in central Alberta, Canada. When not busying herself with paving her way, witnesses can confirm that she’d be lounging with her cat, Sisko.

So…what’s this all about?

When you’re tired of living through the boredom of day to day life, you usually turn to the interwebs in search of something to alleviate the mental stagnation you’re experiencing. You know what I’m talking about! That soul-sucking torture you feel at your 9-5; then the thought of impending chores, chores, and more chores when you get home.

BUT!–if you, by chance, enjoy the everyday mundane things you face in life, please tell us all your secrets! If not, you can entertain yourself with some secret-not-so-secret stuff here on Little Lost Millennial.

Little Lost Millennial | The Story

The Birth

Little Lost Millennial was born from the desire to take a mental break from all the mundane things life throws in your face. It began one glorious day back in the spring of 2017. The way was well paved for a while: all flowers, and sunshine, and fun. But then, the break happened! (dun, dun, dun)

The Break

The break happened when all the mundane things decided to take revenge and punch Little Lost Millennial in the face. It took a while, but Little Lost Millennial finally decided to punch the mundane back–HARD.

The Rebirth

2019 is the year of the rebirth. The year that the mundane was kicked to the curb. Little Lost Millennial will not stand for the mundane to win for much longer. It’s time to make a stand and pave that way. Pave that way hard, millennial!

The Growth

Within Little Lost Millennial, you’ll find ideas, insights, opinions, and thoughts that can help you get through the day. Maybe help you feel less alone about feeling what you’re feeling. A little motivation here, a little help to get it together there. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it. If not…well, I guess that’s something for another day.

Note: If you’d been following Little Lost Millennial since the beginning, you’ll find that some articles may seem familiar. These familiar articles are ones that were already posted back when Little Lost Millennial (LLM) was first created; I went through all the things I wrote before and chose which ones to revive for the blog rebirth. Enjoy!

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